About Us

Credit Card Processing & Merchant Services

Merchant First provides:

  • Merchant Services
  • Gateway Services
  • Chargeback Alerts
  • Fraud Protection
  • Fraud Detection Tools

Other Services include:

  • Domestic Payment Solutions
  • Global Payment Processing
  • Fraud and Chargeback Management
  • Customizable Virtual Point of Sale
  • Virtual POS w/ Card swipe and Pin Pad
  • Complete Payment Development Cloud For Every Payment Processor
  • Custom Terminal Application Development
  • ATM and Visa / MC Signature Debit Card Issuing
  • Check Authorization
  • Conversion & Imaging
  • Check 21
  • ACH
  • Verification Solutions
  • Retail POS Hardware and Software
  • PCI and Cardholder storage to a fully compliant PCI and SAS70 ASP
  • Payment Gateway Cloud with Developer APIs to every major platform in the world
  • Design your own retail or E-Commerce Checkout with Access to every platform